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Β Any movie of your choice which is not available on our site, please comment below its name, we will upload it as soon as possible

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  1. Ananyo das says:

    THOR: RAGNAROK BLUE-RAY released yesterday ….please upload in HINDI or ENGLISH….

  2. kelum says:

    please uplode Sketch thamil move.

  3. Namish says:

    Request you please add jaya janki nayaka hindi dubbed verson.which is already showing in nov 2017 in zee cinema

  4. Rits says:

    despicable-me all parts in hindi

  5. Siddhesh Joshi says:

    Plz upload black Panther in hindi..

  6. Ananyo Das says:

    BLACK PANTHER …….please upload this movie

  7. Ananyo Das says:

    BLACK PANTHER …….please upload this movie.

  8. aditya says:

    please upload the nun movie

  9. how are you says:

    please do upload secret superstar hindi movie

  10. Plzz upload fifty shades of darker in hindi dubed

  11. Varun Chaturvedi says:

    Padmavat (2018)

  12. umair says:

    bhai the expendable k sary parts dual audio me upload kr do jaldi

  13. vino says:

    Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi 2017 high quality

  14. Ahmad ullah says:

    Awarapan (2007) 720p

  15. Sumit Kumar says:

    Doctor strange in hindi and wolf of wall street in hindi plzzz plzz

  16. king says:

    fast and furious 8

  17. Chris says:

    First off thanks for adding them so quickly. Would really appreciate if you could add Unforgettable, minions, get out, so i married an axe murderer. All in English. Thank you again for the great site.

  18. Siddhesh Joshi says:

    The 6th part of x man the wolverine 2013 is missing plz add it in hindi..

  19. saif says:

    gangster land 720p please

  20. Chris says:

    Can you please add john wick, john wick 2, batman vs superman, gifted, spring breakers, fate of the furious, and doctor strange. All in English please. Oh and your wish upon link for downloading isn’t working. Love the site. Keep up the good work.

  21. Siddhesh Joshi says:

    Add insidious all part..
    Conjuring all part in hindi..

  22. Siddhesh Joshi says:

    Add GI joe film series and matrix film in hindi..

  23. Sayem says:

    Please upload guardians of the galaxy vol 2 in hindi 720 p hd

  24. Rits says:

    Please Fantastic.Beasts.And.Where.To.Find in hindi

  25. kk says:

    Thor regnork in Hindi 720 p hd

  26. Siddhesh Joshi says:

    Plz..add new marathi movie..

  27. Sayem says:

    Please upload the one HINDI

  28. Sayem says:

    Please upload Kung fu panda 1 & 3 in hindi

  29. uolts says:

    Conor McGregor – Notorious

  30. Sayem says:


  31. Siddhesh Joshi says:

    There is new movie in the Harry Potter film series is “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” plz add it in hindi…
    Thank u….

  32. bashi says:

    Please add war lords of Nicolas Cage

  33. Sayem says:

    Please upload Drunken master in hindi

  34. Sayem says:

    Please upload the Fast and th Furious all part Hindi Dubbed

  35. Sayem says:

    Please upload Thor 2011 hindi

  36. Siddhesh Joshi says:

    This site is really amazing?..!
    Please add x men , indiana Jones, fast and furious, jems bond, superman, batman, hulk film series.. and 1st part of kingsman and journey to the west in hindi..

  37. fati says:

    Chashme Baddoor bollywood movie

  38. Faraz says:

    All parts of IP MAN in hindi dubbed please

  39. rakesh kumar says:

    The scorpion king 2 hindi

  40. zoyaaadi says:

    shourya hindi movie
    k k menon

  41. Bushan singh says:

    Doctor strange in hindi

  42. Murtaza Bhatti says:

    Please Upload Ode to my father (2014) in hindi dubbed

  43. Manish Sisodia says:

    JORA 10 Numbria Punjabi Movie

  44. Manish Sisodia says:

    G Kutta Sei 2017

  45. Dipak sharma says:

    spyder full movie 2017 in hindi dubbed

  46. sayem says:

    please upload Dostana 2008

  47. faisal says:

    Now you see me 2 in hindi

  48. sayem says:

    upload Fast and the Furious all movie in hindi

  49. yasir says:

    this is the link for movie dunkirk. kindly upload it here asap
    thanks in advance

  50. Ravindra says:

    JoyRide 2: Dead Ahead


  51. sagar says:

    Three Chinese with english subtitles

  52. sanket says:

    can you pleace upload
    The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) hindi dubbed

  53. abdul fazal says:

    please upload ….”jai lav kush” ntr movies in hindi dubbed

  54. sanket says:

    please upload
    The Foreigner 2017 hindi me

  55. sayem says:

    Please upload Who am I ? Hindi Dubbed movie

  56. Vinay says:

    Upload golmaal again and bhoomi in 720p Blu-ray or 1080p Blu-ray

  57. Sparrow says:

    Pakistani movie “Manto” year 2015..

  58. Sayem says:

    Please upload xxx: the Return of Xander cage 2017 upload hindi

  59. sagar says:

    suside squre in hindi

  60. Sayem says:

    PLEASE upload Final Destination 5 2011 hindi main

  61. Malik says:

    Rise of the footsoldier part 2 Hindi dubbed

  62. Sparrow says:

    kingsman the golden circle 2017 in hindi dubbed..
    only 720p if available. otherwise i will wait for High Definition..
    Kindly inform me in reply??

  63. Sayem says:

    Please upload Jackie Chan Hindi Dubbed movie
    Rush Hour 1998
    Police Story 1985
    The Foreigner 2017
    Who am I ? 1998
    Drunken master 1978
    Skiptrace 2016
    Mr. nice Guy 1997
    The Young Master 1980
    Heart of The Dragon 1985

  64. inayath ali says:

    Please upload SHREK series

  65. Sayem says:

    Please upload
    Guardians of the Galaxy 2014
    Ant-Man 2015
    Doctor Strange 2016
    Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 2017
    Please upload Hindi main

  66. Akshay says:

    Can U pls upload the movie Raja the great

  67. Sayem says:

    Please upload
    Iron man 2008
    Iron man 2 .2010
    Iron man 3. 2013
    Please hindi main upload

  68. sanket says:

    Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) hindi me upload kro yaar

  69. inayath ali says:

    Did u post Telugu movies also…..but I can’t find here the column….

  70. Sayem says:

    movie upload
    Captain American : The first Avengers 2011
    Captain American : The winter Soldier 2014
    Captain American : Civil war 2016
    Please hindi Dubbed movie upload

  71. Sayem says:

    Upload Final Destination all movie in hindi

  72. Sparrow says:

    Sir are you angry with me???
    not even answering my request??
    if you can’t upload simply tell me that you can’t..
    i m checking daily here

  73. Sayem says:

    Please upload Batman v/s superman 2016

  74. Sayem says:

    Harry potter all movie upload

  75. Sayem says:

    Please boss Deadpool HD Upload hindi main

  76. Sayem says:

    Please boss Deadpool HD Upload

  77. Sanjay Kumar PANIGRAHI says:

    Telugu movie hindi dubbed jaylavakusa 2017 by NTR

  78. amita patel says:

    hi can you give me spyder movie in hindi version

  79. Yasir says:

    Movie name is O21 or operation O21. it is available at kindly download from there and upload it here as netflix not working at my place.

  80. Skywalker says:

    1. Appatlo okadundevadu
    2. Second Hand Telugu Movie
    Plz upload HD quality

  81. billu says:

    yar movie hai “i am number four” 2011 ka year hai upload kro

  82. gow says:

    Add , justice league

  83. Sparrow says:

    Juman ji 2 in hindi dubbed 2017.
    in hd print

  84. Sparrow says:

    Movie Name =====> Sarvan
    Year 2017
    indian punjabi movie ha.

  85. joe says:

    American Made

  86. nik says:

    please upload spyder hindi dubbed

  87. rubaat says:

    bhale bhale magadivoy 2015 IMDB 7.9/10
    plz upload admin i am waiting your reply

  88. jani says:

    vivekam(vivegam) telugu

  89. Skywalker says:

    Movie : 1. Janda pai kapiraju
    2. Upendra 2 (2015)

  90. Adeel says:

    Punjab nahi jaungi Pakistani

  91. Partivi Raj says:

    The Avengers 2012
    The Avengers 2015
    please in hindi

  92. shan says:

    punjab nahi jaungi 2017 pakistani film

  93. Varun K says:

    I need thani oruvan, I, sivaji, enthiran 720p tamil movie

  94. Pritivee Raj says:

    Please Post
    Fantastic Four 2005 2007 2015
    all parts in Hindi Thanks <3 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  95. zoya says:

    new mershal movie in hindi

  96. JB says:

    1. Crashpad (2017) –
    2. The Bachelors (2017) –
    3. Literally, Right Before Aaron (2017) –
    4. Landline (2017) –
    5. The Only Living Boy in New York (2017) –

  97. zoya says:

    ishqzaade hindi movie

  98. Mirza says:

    Raaz 2002 Please upload as soon as possible thanks

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